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EngineeringMonk focuses on providing technology education to students, especially those in the 4th-9th grade and college. The institution offers both offline and online classes, internships, and career guidance.

Key activities include conducting smart classes, practical learning sessions, and generating leads. The institution also focuses on technology platform management, employing qualified trainers, and maintaining class infrastructure.

Primary customers are students in grades 4th-9th and college, with a focus on the existing market. Parents are identified as the most important customers, and EngineeringMonk targets users who are willing to learn about technology and students aiming to comprehend all concepts in one platform.

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Key resources include the technology platform, qualified trainers, class infrastructure, and a team for technical setup. These resources enable the institution to deliver effective education and support services.

The key partners include trainers, the IT team, and payment partners. Trainers play a crucial role in delivering education, the IT team ensures the technical setup, and payment partners facilitate financial transactions.

EngineeringMonk maintains professional relationships with a 40% emphasis and friendly relationships with a 60% emphasis. Customer relationships are nurtured through referral programs, discounts, social media engagement, and campaigns.

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EngineeringMonk differentiates itself by addressing the lack of awareness about technology, providing a platform for students to easily understand difficult concepts, offering career guidance, and focusing on both offline and online learning experiences.

EngineeringMonk offers smart classes, practical learning sessions, and a combination of offline and online classes. The institution also provides internships to enhance practical skills.

Career guidance is one of the value propositions offered by EngineeringMonk. The institution likely provides counseling sessions, workshops, and resources to help students make informed decisions about their career paths in the field of technology.